On a Wrench in the Works…

I was this close to graduation and ordination. Nine days away. And then, nothing. It’s the strangest and most disconcerting situation I’ve ever lived through, because I genuinely cannot understand how the decision was made.

Sometimes, everything seems laid out so clearly in front of you and there’s not even a question that it will come to pass. Then, with only the shortest notice, someone throws a wrench in the works (I had to google that, honestly, but it popped into my head). Everything was working out so smoothly, I should’ve expected a disaster to strike.

This all just adds another year until ordination. I finished my degree, luckily, but that’s a crumb in comparison to what was supposed to happen. Ripped away from my friends early, sent to a place that was hardly prepared for me, missing the experience of walking across the stage with what has become my family. But I need to look to the bright side of things.

There is a bright side. I see it. But for right now, the dark stands out so much more clearly.


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