On Hierarchies…

I’ve been thinking this morning on what it means to be a part of a society wherein hierarchies define our interactions. For anyone who works in a corporation, there is a process for internal communication that prevents the bottom-tier workers from talking directly to the CEO. It’s the same in any military structure. And it bugs me.

I guess what bugs me most about it is that it suggests some people are better than others just by nature of their position. This doesn’t sit well with me.

We’ve heard those stories of homeless people who were once the heads of huge companies and were now homeless because they had fallen on hard times. Even then we see them differently than other homeless people. Just look it up.

When we assume that people, any people, are better than others, when we put them on untouchable levels and look up at them on their metaphorical pedestals, we put all those other people beneath them. This is detrimental to our ability to value others and ourselves as human beings.

This issue goes far beyond work-related hierarchies. Our societies are riddled with divisive language, values, and opinions. It’s not something we can solve overnight, but it’s not something we can solve at all if we’re not willing to acknowledge it.


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